About Us

Job Trainer Australia is an Australian owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and approved by ASQA nationally – RTO Code 45742

Job Trainer Australia's focus is to provide quality, interactive training to help engage and create a stronger more resilient individual.

We aim to cultivate change through our ecosystem of partnerships with likeminded companies that align with Job Trainer Australia’s vision to directly support charities and not for profits with a focus on people and communities.

We aim to educate and impart knowledge to young Australians and change the drinking culture that exists in Australia through interactive and engaging education.

Our objective is to achieve brand recognition through the excellence and quality of our service delivery, the client experience and satisfaction achieved from interactions with our training and support personnel and our automated online training facilities and capabilities, and the societal impact our organisation and our clients can have with people and communities and our environment.

our mission: 

To enhance and support hospitality organisations through strategic application of quality online training. We will accomplish this by offering a variety of nationally accredited courses supported by innovative technology and high-quality customer service and education. This enables our business clients to strengthen and simplify their employee management practices, as well as find and retain quality employees.

Our Core Pillars are at the heart of everything we do

From our commitment to our clients to our commitment to each other, we find these values within ourselves before even logging onto to Job Trainer Australia.