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  • live_help New Food Standard 3.2.2A

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    If you own or manage a food business in Australia, you are probably aware that a new stricter food standard came into effect on December 8, 2023. Standard 3.2.2A, is a new food safety standard that aims to improve food safety and support consumer confidence.

    There are three food safety management tools in the new standard. 

    1. food safety supervisor or FSS training which is provided by Job Trainer Australia. 

    2. food handler training also provided by Job Trainer Australia, and 

    3. the substantiation of critical food safety controls evidence tool.

    What must you do to comply with this new standard? 

    Every business is different, Standard 3.2.2A has different requirements for different types of food-related activities. The following checklist is a good place to start. 

    Firstly, Determine if the Standard applies to you, and which category your business falls in-to. 

    Review your starf's qualifications. Who needs to train or be re-trained. 

    Make sure you have a Food Safety Supervisor in every venue as required. 

    Get your current Food Safety Supervisors and food handlers certified, or make sure their accreditations are up to date. 

    We are here to help you and your business. Contact us if you require more information 1300 020 615

  • live_help Approved Manager for WA - Red Card Information



    *Please be aware that the fee to issue the card is not a Job Trainer Australia Fee is a DLGSC Fee

    This is a simple guide on how to lodge your application to become an approved manager or licensee in Western Australia .

    Once you have successfully completed this unit, you will receive a Statement of Attainment. This is your first step to becoming an Approved Manager. 

    You will also be required to obtain a national police clearance certificate; this can be done online. Please remember the police clearance cannot be more than 3 months old. 

    Once you have these documents you will need to head to Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries to complete the online application form.

    Once it has been completed, print it out. Take all 3 documents to Australia Post and submit along with the Approved Manager 'Red Card' government fee.

    It is worth noting, that the day you submit your application at Australia Post you are considered an Approved Manager. There is no need to wait for your "red card" to come via mail. simply retain your Australia Post receipt as evidence. 

    We will provide this video at the end of your course, to refresh your memory. It can also be found under our FAQ's within your training account or on the main page of the Job Trainer Australia Website.

  • live_help ANZAC DAY - What’s closed and what’s open?

    The time when people can buy alcohol will change depending on the state or territory.
    ➤ In WA, taverns, hotels and clubs can generally open from 12pm to midnight, but specific times may depend on the type of liquor license a business holds.
    ➤ In Victoria, people can buy alcohol in restaurants, cafes, pubs and bottle shops from 12pm until 1am.
    ➤ In NSW, pubs, clubs, small bars, restaurants and cafes can sell alcohol from 1pm, if those are part of their normal trading hours.
    ➤ The NT and Queensland have altered rules for April 25, in Tasmania, people are allowed to buy alcohol at a liquor licensed or liquor-permit-granted shop that mainly sells alcohol.
    ➤ In the ACT and South Australia there are no specific Anzac Day alcohol restrictions.

  • live_help Food Safety Supervisor Observer Information
  • live_help Can I get a RSA if I am under 18 yrs?

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    Under 18 years old? and would like to obtain your Responsible Service of alcohol certificate? You can!

    Keep in mind though that you cannot work in a licensed premises until you turn 18 years old, however in some states there are exceptions for people who are only sixteen, please call 1 3 00 020 615 if you require further information

  • live_help Voucher Code Instructions on how to apply

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  • live_help What if my account is deactivated?

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  • live_help Are the courses Nationally Recognised?

    Please make sure that you select the course that is right for you.

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    Job Trainer Australia is approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority as a Registered Training Organisation, Job Trainer Australia's Approval Code is 45742
    We offer Nationally Recognised training, in addition we also offer non-accredited courses which will assist you in professional development and may enhance your workplace skills. 

    Always look out for the Nationally Recognised Training logo, shown to the right of me. This will give you confidence you are training with a verified training provider.

    Be wary of organisations that don't confirm their credentials.

  • live_help I would like a refund.
  • live_help Can I use my RSA certificate in other states?

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  • live_help Are the courses State Approved

    If you would like to check our credentials, log onto the state regulating bodies website and we will be listed as an approved training provider.

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  • live_help How quickly can I get my certificate

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  • live_help ACT - As an employee can I serve a person alcohol if I am less than 18 years of age?

    A person less than 18 years of age may work in an adult only area if they are not supplying liquor to patrons. 

    In the ACT, the licensee or permit holder commits an offence if they employ a person less than 18 years of age and that person supplies liquor and the liquor is supplied in an adult only area of the licensed or permitted premises.

    A person less than 18 years of age may serve liquor to patrons who are not in an adult only area such as with a meal in a restaurant if the restaurant is not in an adult only area.

  • live_help Is Job Trainer Australia a Registered Training Organisation?

    Look us up on RTO Code 45742

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  • live_help Does my food business need a Food Safety Supervisor?

    This will depend on a few factors such as:

    ➤ What state you intend to work in

    ➤ What type of food you will be serving

    ➤ What type of food business you intend to be working in or own.

    Generally most licensable food businesses will require a Food Safety Supervisor if they serve:

    ➤ Potentially hazardous food

    ➤ Ready-to-eat food

    ➤ Food not sold or served in its original packaging

    Please check with your state or local council for requirements, or call us, we will be happy to guide you in the right direction

  • live_help Can I complete my training over time?

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  • live_help Where can I read the Student Terms and Conditions?
  • live_help I need extra help with my training

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  • live_help When does my certificate expire?

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  • live_help Do I need special equipment to complete online training

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  • live_help USI Information

    What is a USI?

    Remember at Job Trainer Australia, you can provide your USI at the beginning or end of your training, however it is required so that we can issue your certificate.

  • live_help USI - Obtain a USI

    You can create or verify your USI on the Job Trainer Australia Training App or you may choose to obtain your USI directly with USI.GOV by following the steps shown in the video below:

  • live_help USI and International students

    Planning to study in Australia but have not arrived yet

    If you are an international student planning to study in Australia but are not in the country yet, you can create a USI when you arrive. 

    You can complete all steps of your training and assessment, however we will not be able to issue your certificate until you have arrived in Australia as you cannot create a USI until you have passed Australian customs.

    International students need their non-Australian passport and their Australian visa to create a USI once they are in Australia.

  • live_help What courses do you offer?

    We offer many courses. 

    All government approved and nationally recognised with the exception of our Micro Credential courses, which are short certification courses that allow you to learn new professional skills in a short amount of time, usually around 1 hour in duration.


  • live_help Hospitality Concierge LG NSW

    The Hospitality Concierge is a new ‘one stop shop’ for hospitality businesses to find out more about the new liquor licence reforms and to help your business benefit from new initiatives that reduce red tape and support the 24-hour economy. 

    The Hospitality Concierge is one of the many ways the NSW Government is supporting the hospitality sector in bouncing back from COVID-19 and encouraging more diverse entertainment options. To contact the Hospitality Concierge, simply book a call using the form at 

  • live_help Can I enrol in the Approved Manager course if I am an international student?

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