Frequently Asked Questions

  • live_help New Food Standard 3.2.2A

    If you own or manage a food business, you are probably aware that a new, stricter food standard will come into effect on December 8, 2023:  

    Standard 3.2.2A - Food Safety Management Tools.

    Standard 3.2.2A is a new food safety standard for these types of businesses that aims to improve food safety and support consumer confidence.

    There are three food safety management tools in the new standard:

    ★ food safety supervisor (FSS) -Offered by Job Trainer Australia SITXFSA006

    ★ food handler training - Offered by Job Trainer Australia SITXFSA005

    ★ substantiation of critical food safety controls (evidence tool)

    What must I do to be ready before December 8?

    Every business is different, Standard 3.2.2A has different requirements for different types of food-related activities. The following checklist is a good place to start:

    Determine if the Standard applies to you, and which category your business falls into

    ★ Review your staff’s qualifications. Who needs to train or retrain?

    ★ Make sure you have a Food Safety Supervisor in every venue as required.

    ★ Get your current Food Safety Supervisors certified, or make sure their accreditations are up to date.

    We are here to help you and your business. Contact us if you want to take advantage of our business solutions or if you need any more information! 

    Guideance on the NEW STANDARD 3.2.2Ais available on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

  • live_help Can I get a RSA if I am under 18 yrs?

    Yes you can

    Keep in mind though that you cannot work in a licensed premises until you turn 18yrs, however in some states there are exceptions for perople who are only 16, please call 1300 020 615 if you require further information

  • live_help What if my account is deactivated?

    Email us 

    No problem, email or call JTA 1300 020 615 and we will establish why it was deactivated. 

    Generally it means that your course has had a major update that may affect you, we can let you know what this is so you can continue on with your training. 

  • live_help Are the courses Nationally Recognised?


    Job Trainer Australia is approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority as a Registered Training Organisation - Job Trainer Australia Code 45742

    We offer Nationally Recognised training, in addition we also offer non-accredited courses which will assist you in professional development and may enhance your workplace skills.  

    Please make sure that you select the course that is right for you.


  • live_help Approved Manager for WA - Red Card Information

    Job Trainer Australia is approved by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to deliver the official Approved Managers Course (52863WA) in WA. 

    Once you have completed your training with Job Trainer Australia you will need to follow the steps below to activate your Approved Managers Card ( Red Card) 


    *Please be aware that the fee to issue the card is not a Job Trainer Australia Fee is is a DLGSC Fee

  • live_help I would like a refund.

    No problem

    please make sure that you have read our Student Terms and Conditions. to see if you qualify or email 

  • live_help Can I use my RSA certificate in other states?

    Generally Yes.

    Some states require you to undertake a bridging course that provides information that aligns with their state legislation.  These states are listed below

    . NSW

    . Victoria

    . ACT

    We recommend that you check with us first if you are unsure. 

    Email or call 1300 020 615. We will be happy to assist.

  • live_help Are the courses State Approved

    Yes. Our courses are approved Australia Wide

    Job Trainer Australia offers courses which have been approved by the national and state regulator. 

    Look out for the NRT logo on courses that are nationally recognised. 

    We also offer non-accredited training ideal for Professional Development.

    If you would like to check our credentials, log onto the state regulating bodies website and we will be listed as an approved training provider.

  • live_help How quickly can I get my certificate

    This depends on you. 

    Complete your training and assessment without delay and we will review and assess your answers on the same day.

    Resubmission of incorrect repsonses may take a little bit of extra time, so we suggest you check that you have met the assessment requirements before you submit. 

    If you need your certificate urgently, call or email, we will be happy to assist.

    If you get stuck, we are here to help. or 1300 020 615

  • live_help ACT - As an employee can I serve a person alcohol if I am less than 18 years of age?

    A person less than 18 years of age may work in an adult only area if they are not supplying liquor to patrons. 

    In the ACT, the licensee or permit holder commits an offence if they employ a person less than 18 years of age and that person supplies liquor and the liquor is supplied in an adult only area of the licensed or permitted premises.

    A person less than 18 years of age may serve liquor to patrons who are not in an adult only area such as with a meal in a restaurant if the restaurant is not in an adult only area.

  • live_help Is Job Trainer Australia a Registered Training Organisation?


    We approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority 

    Look us up on RTO Code 45742

  • live_help Does my food business need a Food Safety Supervisor?

    This will depend on a few factors such as:

    . What state you intend to work in

    . What type of food you will be serving

    . What type of food business you intend to be working in or own.

    Generally most licensable food businesses will require a Food Safety Supervisor if they serve:

    . Potentially hazardous food

    . Ready-to-eat food

    . Food not sold or served in its original packaging

    Please check with your state or local council for requirements, or call us, we will be happy to guide you in the right direction

  • live_help Can I complete my training over time?


    The Job Trainer Australia platform allows you to stop and start whenever you like.

    The platform will remember where you left off. No need to save your work, we capture your progress as you go.

    If you forget to complete your course, we will provide a gentle reminder via sms or email.

    We provide three months from date of enrolment to complete your course. Extensions can be given, just give us a call.

  • live_help Where can I read the Student Terms and Conditions?

    Right here!


    Or on every page of your training account and when you enrol and purchase your course

  • live_help I need extra help with my training

    We understand that online training is not one size that fits all. 

    The Job Trainer Australia platform and Training App provides intuitive guidance throughout the training program. We provide a short language, literacy and numeracy test before you start so can determine if you will need extra assistance along the way.

    We provide audio on every page of the course, we offer translation software and of course we are always happy to provide support at any stage of your training.

  • live_help When does my certificate expire?

    This depends on the course and the state in which you trained for. 

    Generally, nationally recognised courses do not expire, however some states may require refresher training after a certain amount of time, usually 3 -5 years. 

    Each of our courses provide information in relation to validity and expiry of the statement of attainment issued. Please read this information before purchasing your course. Or email us for a quick response.


  • live_help Do I need special equipment to complete online training

    Short answer is No!

    Please read course information on student requirements and system reuqirements, you will see that you will have all that is required such as:

    . Internet access

    . Device to train on such as iPhone, laptop, desktop, tablet

    . Email account

    You will not require a printer as your certificate can be;

    . downloaded to your device;

    . stored in the Job Trainer Australia Training App; or

    . Saved to your digital wallet 

  • live_help USI Information

    What is a USI?

    Remember at Job Trainer Australia, you can provide your USI at the beginning or end of your training, however it is required so that we can issue your certificate.

  • live_help USI - Obtain a USI

    You can create or verify your USI on the Job Trainer Australia Training App or you may choose to obtain your USI directly with USI.GOV by following the steps shown in the video below:

  • live_help USI Information

    What is a USI?

    Remember at Job Trainer Australia, you can provide your USI at the beginning or end of your training, however it is required so that we can issue your certificate.


  • live_help What courses do you offer?

    We offer many courses. 

    All government approved and nationally recognised with the exception of our Micro Credential courses, which are short certification courses that allow you to learn new professional skills in a short amount of time, usually around 1 hour in duration.


  • live_help Hospitality Concierge LG NSW

    The Hospitality Concierge is a new ‘one stop shop’ for hospitality businesses to find out more about the new liquor licence reforms and to help your business benefit from new initiatives that reduce red tape and support the 24-hour economy. 

    The Hospitality Concierge is one of the many ways the NSW Government is supporting the hospitality sector in bouncing back from COVID-19 and encouraging more diverse entertainment options. To contact the Hospitality Concierge, simply book a call using the form at 

  • live_help Can I enrol in the Approved Manager course if I am an international student?

    The answer is NO. 

    You are NOT permitted to undertake the Approved Manager Course - 52863WA - if you are on a student visa or secondary student visa.

    You will be required to declare you are NOT on a student visa or secondary student visa. 

    Course information in relation to eligibility can be found on the Read more section for each course. 

    This is also in our Terms and Conditions, which is accepted prior to enrolment into your course. 

    Please read carefully before accepting the Terms and Conditions.