SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety (Level 1 )

Job Trainer Australia delivers the nationally recognised food unit which is an entry level requirement for food handlers who directly handle food or food contact surfaces.

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Approved and Official Food Handler Training for Tasmania.

Food businesses in Tasmania must follow the Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A.

Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A mandates that food businesses in Tasmania must have trained staff with the necessary skills for safe food handling. 

This training includes knowledge essential for maintaining hygiene standards to prevent food-borne illnesses. 

➤ Compliance involves having staff trained in food safety and providing evidence of this through a certification from Job Trainer Australia. 

This certification is essential for meeting legal standards and is recognised by health inspectors and local councils.

Protect your customers and comply with legal standards by enrolling in the nationally recognised course endorsed by health inspectors and local councils. 

This course covers the training requirements for the new Standard 3.2.2A Food Safety Management Tools and specifically focuses on hygiene practices to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Upon course completion, you'll acquire the necessary skills and certification to maintain hygiene standards in a food business.

This unit is essential for all tourism, hospitality, and catering establishments and serves as a prerequisite for the Food Safety Supervisor course. 

Consider advancing your skills by enrolling in the Food Safety Supervisor course or opting for the Combo to enjoy savings

National Food Safety Supervisor Combo


Job Trainer Australia's exclusive online platform eliminates the hassle of downloading, printing, filling out, and scanning forms. 

With this fully online system, updates are automated, and immediate access to course progress and assessor feedback is guaranteed. 

This streamlined approach enhances convenience and efficiency for both learners and assessors.

Job Trainer Australia offers government-approved courses for the hospitality and retail sectors, providing nationally recognised units. 

Our digital platform ensures 24/7 access to resources, live chat support, and a user-friendly interface for seamless learning experiences, eliminating paperwork and offering immediate feedback. 

Students can enjoy flexible learning, interactive content, and the latest technological innovations.


Anyone can enrol in the Job Trainer Australia Food Handler course. There are no prerequisites and no prior food handling experience or knowledge is required.

Proper food safety training is critical for a wide range food handling tasks and roles in the food industry. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced food worker, with Job Trainer Australia Food Handler training you'll be able to:

✔  meet the Food Standards Code requirement

✔  attain nationally recognised training

✔  develop safe food handling skills

✔ As of 8th December 2023 a new Standard comes into effect Australia wide, Standard 3.2.2A. 

✔ Food businesses must ensure all Food Handlers have completed a food safety training course which is compliant with Standard 3.2.2A, or have appropriate skills and knowledge.



SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety

Training.Gov SITXFSA005

This nationally recognised unit of competency provides information on the use of safe food handling practices in food handling work functions in line with organisational hygiene procedures.

The unit covers the following areas;

✔ Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards.

✔ Report any personal health issues.

✔ Prevent food contamination.

✔ Prevent cross contamination by washing hands.


Assessment involves various formats and criteria:

1. Assessments are open book, allowing reference to guides or materials during the task .
2. Participants must independently respond to all questions in their own words.
3. Evaluation is based on a Satisfactory or Not Yet Satisfactory outcome, with feedback provided.
4. Tasks are completed to demonstrate knowledge to trainers and assessors

Evidence gathering includes various techniques:

➤ Knowledge assessment involving multi-choice and free text questions.
➤ Free text questions for applying learned skills and knowledge.
➤ Video or photo verification and verbal questions.
➤ Recording all interactions with students for assessing competence effectively


Job Trainer Australia assessors offer consistent assessment feedback via email, direct conversation, and various support channels like Live Chat and Website inquiries to aid your learning journey and enhance course success. This feedback mechanism is designed to optimise your learning outcomes


Multiple-choice: Demonstrate your knowledge through straight forward questions.

Free text questions: Apply what you have learned and provide information on how you will apply your skills and knowledge to a food business.

Skills evidence: Short video demonstrating food safety hygiene practices. Include verification procedures by providing photo ID, date of birth and your name.


Before enrolling, each student must undergo a online short Pre-Enrolment Review or LLND test to assess course suitability, evaluating skills in existing knowledge, language, literacy, numeracy, and digital proficiency. 


The course is broken down into short, manageable sections designed to aid your learning.  

✩ Following each of the modules, you are required to complete a multiple-choice & short answer assessment.

✩ Each module assessment comprises of a combination of multiple-choice questions such as drag and drop, fill in the missing word. In addition, there are a number of short answer questions where you will be required to source, read and interpret information and answer in your own words.

✩ All questions must be answered correctly within each module in order to proceed.

✩ Move onto Assessment Stage 2 once Assessment 1 is complete.


✩ Our custom designed online platform allows you to directly upload your video skills demonstration from you device to your training page account with just a click of a button. 


Upon completion of assessments, feedback, and resubmissions, your work will be evaluated within a standard timeframe of two business days.

➤ Expect up to three attempts per question, with additional guidance provided upon surpassing this limit. 

➤ Feedback on free text responses and video verification will be accessible through your training account for review and adjustment before resubmission. 

➤ Following Video Verification submission, work is assessed solely by a JTA assessor, who may engage in a Competency Conversation if required. 

➤ Successful completion results in the issuance of a Statement of Attainment 


To excel in your training, ensure you have the following essential resources:

➤ Reliable Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial to undertake online training.

➤ Mobile Phone Device: Useful for recording your final declaration. 


Job Trainer Australia is committed to supporting your learning journey by supplying the following resources:

➤ Course Materials: Access comprehensive learning materials curated to enhance your skills in writing and marketing. These documents could include study guides, reference materials, and templates to guide your learning.

➤ Educational Videos: Engage with informative videos that offer insights into industry best practices, case studies, and practical demonstrations to deepen your understanding of key concepts.

➤ Assessments: Gauge your progress and knowledge retention through assessments designed to test your comprehension.

➤ Support Services: Benefit from additional support services such as mentoring, Q&A sessions, and online forums to address any queries or challenges you encounter during the course.

By leveraging these resources provided by Job Trainer Australia and ensuring you have a reliable internet connection along with a mobile phone, you'll be well-equipped to succeed in your training.

What is Standard 3.2.2A?

Standard 3.2.2A in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, effective from December 8, 2023, introduces new requirements for food businesses nationwide. 

It mandates the implementation of a food safety management system, which includes key components such as Food Handler Training and Food Safety Supervision provided by Job Trainer Australia. 

This standard is essential for any business involved in food preparation or service across all Australian states and territorie

If your business prepares and serves food then this change affects you.

The new requirements need to be met by any business that prepares or serves food in any Australian state and territory. Standard 3.2.2A outlines the need for a food safety management system within a business, by introducing the following three tools:

★ Food Handler Training - Offered by Job Trainer Australia SITXFSA005

★ Food Safety Supervision - Offered by Job Trainer Australia SITSS00069

★ Record Management

Our Course covers the requirements of Standard 3.2.2A

The Standard obligates a Food Safety Training Course to encompass

➤ safe food handling, 

➤ contamination prevention,

➤ premises and equipment sanitation, and 

➤ personal hygiene components, ensuring comprehensive training in food safety. 

Job Trainer Australia's training course addresses all specified topics. 

Job Trainer Australia offers a comprehensive course covering essential aspects such as safe food handling, contamination prevention, premises sanitation, and personal hygiene. These are crucial for businesses preparing or serving food in any Australian state or territory.

Non-compliance with Standard 3.2.2A, effective from December 8, 2023, can lead to serious repercussions, including fines and license suspension. Hence, businesses must proactively ensure adherence to these updated food safety standards to avoid potential legal consequences

Who does this impact?

The new requirements need to be met by any business that prepares or serves food in any Australian state and territory. In Australia, food safety laws are enforced at a state and territory level.

No matter which state or territory you operate within, the new requirements of Standard 3.2.2A are more extensive than previous requirements. This means that food businesses need to take action to ensure they remain compliant as the consequences of noncompliance can be serious.

Prior to recent changes, many states and territories had their own special requirements for food handling and record keeping, these included New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

However, from December 8, 2023, all Australian states and territories must now comply with the requirements outlined in Standard 3.2.2A.

This also means that for the first time, those states and territories that previously had limited requirements, must now follow the new standard. This includes Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

What must I do to be ready before December 8?

Every business is different, Standard 3.2.2A has different requirements for different types of food-related activities. The following checklist is a good place to start:

Determine if the Standard applies to you, and which category your business falls into

★ Review your staff’s qualifications. Who needs to train or retrain?

★ Make sure you have a Food Safety Supervisor in every venue as required.

★ Get your current Food Safety Supervisors certified, or make sure their accreditations are up to date.

We are here to help you and your business. Contact us if you want to take advantage of our business solutions or if you need any more information! 

Guideance on the NEW STANDARD 3.2.2Ais available on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

Start your training now with the fully online course offered by Job Trainer Australia. This course provides 24/7 access via an interactive learning platform and also offers training through Job Trainer Australia's free mobile app.

By engaging in this course, you will encounter a range of assessment formats such as multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the missing word, and case study questions, enhancing your learning experience. 


The course structure follows three simple steps: 

✔ Step 1:  registering and paying for the course

✔ Step 2: providing necessary personal information post-registration, and

✔ Step 3: completing all course materials and assessments.  

Successful completion grants a statement of attainment for the unit in which you are enrolled.

To speak to our support team call 

☎  1300 020 615 or 


Please note that live chat is only available is only available during normal office hours 0800 – 3pm Mon-Fri.

FAQ's In addition to these support options, our website contains many FAQs, click on the FAQs tab.

Job Trainer Australia's online courses require basic computer skills, reading, and writing abilities. 

➤ These courses also entail using technology to fulfill assessment requirements. 

➤ If uncertain about your skills or equipment, it is advisable to contact our team before registering. 

➤ Additionally, Job Trainer Australia offers a platform demo during registration to assist students in navigating the online environment effectively. 

➤ Students have 12 weeks from purchase to complete the course, allowing for extensions upon request. 

➤ Job Trainer Australia encourages active participation and provides SMS alerts if engagement decreases, ensuring students receive the necessary support to finish their training.


The Language, Literacy, Numeracy & Digital (LLND) requirements for this course encompass core abilities essential for completion, including reading, writing, oral communication, numeracy, and digital skills.

Training providers like Job Trainer Australia ensure learners possess these competencies through pre-course LLND assessments, aiming to guarantee the necessary skill level for course success. This proactive approach aids in enhancing outcomes and learner confidence

Job Trainer Australia diligently mandates that all potential learners must undergo a brief 6-question LLND assessment before enrolling in a course, ensuring their preparedness for success in the training program. 

This assessment, although not factored into the final result, mandates learners to score at least 4 out of 6 questions accurately.

Identified skill gaps prompt personalised discussions initiated by Job Trainer Australia. 

By completing this assessment, learners ascertain their proficiency in essential LLND skills required for course achievement. Thus, meeting these criteria is vital for successful course completion.

To successfully complete the course, candidates must possess essential skills such as reading complex regulatory information, understanding liquor licensing requirements, interpreting ID documents, communicating alcohol laws clearly to customers, and handling conflict with intoxicated patrons.

Moreover, they need to demonstrate numeracy skills in calculating drinks and customer age from identification. 

Teamwork responsibilities involve sharing customer information for responsible alcohol service, while

Self-management entails dealing professionally with challenging customers, aligning with organisational protocols.

Ensuring proficiency in these Language, Literacy, Numeracy & Digital (LLND) requirements is pivotal for meeting course expectations

The amount of training that is provided is described in an amount of time that we anticipate you will reasonably need to undertake this unit.

⏱This course will take 3 minutes to enrol and approximately 4 hours to complete (self-paced). This may vary from person to person, you may wish to take longer, the choice is yours.

Upon purchasing a course, you have a 12-week window for completion. Extensions are available free of charge upon request. 

Job Trainer Australia stresses active involvement in training and will send SMS alerts if engagement falters, offering dedicated support throughout your learning journey.

As part of our verification protocol for online training, it is essential to confirm that the individual enrolled is the one undertaking the training. 

This verification process helps maintain the integrity of the learning environment and ensures that the training outcomes are valid and reliable.


To confirm your identity for online training, you'll need to provide your approved ID at the beginning of your training and during assessments. Our secure platform ensures IDs are regularly removed. Uploading your ID image to your training account is necessary for pre-verification before receiving certification.


In the training and assessment process, you will need to confirm that you are the one actively participating and completing the tasks. This acknowledgment is seamlessly integrated into your online training account for easy completion.

Unique Student Identifier ( USI )

To access and maintain your educational records in Australia, including your VET training history, you must obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This identifier serves as your lifelong educational number and enables you to track your training journey efficiently. Setting up or verifying your USI within your Job Trainer Australia online account is a straightforward process.

To maximise the benefits of your online training experience, ensure you have the following essentials at your disposal:

☸ An active and valid email account.
☸ A form of identification that is current and valid.
☸ Access to a digital camera, scanner, fax machine, iPhone, or the capability       to upload documents directly from your files to your student account.
☸ A stable and dependable internet connection.
☸ A reliable web browser, preferably optimized for Chrome as our platform         functions best on this browser.

If you are using the device intended for your training, click on the video below. Can you see the video clearly? Is the audio playing correctly?

Throughout the course, videos similar to the one below will be integrated to enhance your learning experience.