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  • Victorian voices on alcohol harm

    Licensees are encouraged to read Victorian voices on alcohol harm. Released in December by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, the report showcases the lived and living experiences of alcohol harm.

    Licensees play a critical role in identifying and mitigating the harm caused by alcohol. For example, your monitoring of purchasing habits and signs of intoxication can identify at risk individuals and provide an opportunity to open a conversation about supports that are available.

    Those supports include DirectLine (1800 888 236), the National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline (1800 250 015), Turning Point (1800 888 236), and Alcoholics Anonymous (1300 222 222).

  • Supporting staff to serve alcohol responsibly

    Licensees play an important role in minimising the harm that alcohol can cause, particularly for vulnerable members of the community.

    LCV expects licensees to support their staff to serve alcohol responsibly. This support will look different depending on your business, and can include:

    meeting with staff regularly to reinforce what responsible service of alcohol looks like, and how your house policies and practices support that.

    providing additional training or pairing new starters with experienced staff who can assist in refusal of service.

    reminding staff to intervene early before customers are intoxicated.

    You can help staff keep customers and communities safe through practices including:

    encouraging staff to engage with customers about the alcohol they are purchasing and offering alternatives where appropriate.

    focusing on elements of your business other than alcohol, for example, food service.

    clearly displaying the standard drinks poster to encourage customers to be mindful of how many drinks they have consumed or are purchasing. 

    providing and promoting alternatives to alcoholic beverages, for example, through specials.

    displaying the DirectLine poster or contact details of local support services